Slobot About Town LXXVI:

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Dams of Pacolet!

Slobot awoke amid a jumble of rubble.

Slobot sought higher ground in order to better survey the land.

Slobot soon realized that he had spent the night in Pacolet, SC.

The mills of Pacolet have long since been demolished,

but their dams still stand.

Slobot just loved the big gears of the old dam.

Some of the gears once permitted this truss to travel.

Slobot monkeyed his way out onto the iron frame.

There Slobot wondered what other dams Pacolet had to offer.

Slobot was soon wandering downstream.

There Slobot found another Pacolet dam.

Today the dam belongs to the Pacolet Hydro Project;

which, in turn, is owned and operated by Milliken & Company.

Slobot sat high on what was once a wall of a Pacolet mill.

It had been raining heavily in the weeks before...

and water surged over the dam below.

Even in the channel water ran 4 feet deep.

Near the Pacolet Hydro Project Slobot found a nifty little waterfall.

The waters of the creek ran briskly to the Pacolet,

down blasted rock.

Slobot would like to thank the kind people of Pacolet, Milliken & Company and YOU!