Slobot About Town II:

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Houses of the Holy.

Nazareth Presbyterian is the oldest church in the county.

Charles Moore was among its founders.

The Nazareth Presbyterian Cemetery holds a number of Moore's descendants and is home to some of the county's oldest headstones.

Here are buried Revolutionary War veterans.

And Civil War veterans.

The Episcopalian Church of the Advent began construction in 1850.

It was not completed and consecrated until 1864.

The original Temple B'nai Israel was built at the intersection of Dean and Union streets in 1916.

It subsequently moved.

Temple B'nai Israel, 2006.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (est. 1941).

The very utilitarian Unitarian Universalist Church of Spartanburg (est.1954).

The Love Temple United Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Spartanburg boasts a large Hindu population, as evidenced by this vanity plate.

There is even a Hindu Society of Greater Spartanburg, one that meets with some secrecy in this nondescript building in Boiling Springs.

The Camp Croft area boasts the state’s highest concentration of Asian-Americans.

In 1996 The Laotian Buddhist community built Spartanburg's Buddhist Temple.

Dragons stand guard.

It is vibrant...

a jewel in Camp Croft's rough.

Slobot found it difficult to depart.