Slobot About Town VIII:

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Slobot hears the Hub-Bub, pt. 2.

Spartanburg, meet Artist In Residence Emily Smith, 28.

Emily told Slobot that she was raised in York, SC and that she had recently completed her Masters in Fine Arts at UNC-Wilmington.

Emily is a poet working towards publishing her first collection.

Emily was kind enough to read a few of her works to Slobot.

Slobot then spied a rag doll rat in a corner of a corridor within the Hub-Bub building.

He wandered through an ajar door and found more.

Slobot rounded a corner and found Brian Hitselberger, 23, father of the rag doll rats.

Brian and Slobot immediately struck a bond over their mutual adoration of SC's (and the Fed's) own Ben Bernanke.

Slobot loved that his favorite windowsill, with his favorite view of the granary, had become the work space for Brian.

Yep, Brian Hitselberger is big pimpin' down by the granary.

Slobot was inspired by the Artists In Residence.

Slobot was so inspired that he went out to the monthly Hub-Bub Soapbox Session at the Nu-Way Restaurant and Lounge on Kennedy Street.

The Hub-Bub Soapbox Sessions are curated by Slobot's pal, Stephen Long.

Stephen, a former Hub-Bub volunteer, is now Showroom Manager at the Hub-Bub building.

Slobot's menacing musical companion?

'Bot Reynolds!

Together they made a chaotic and noisy mess.

The performance was decidedly less artsy than fartsy...

but Slobot had a good time and he will be sure to be back again next month!

Slobot would like to thank Leah Brown, Justin Plakas, Emily Smith, Brian Hitselberger, James Ashby, Clint Gosnell, John Shealy, Steven Long, the Nu-Way Restaurant and Lounge and YOU!