Slobot About Town XXIX:

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Slobot and Pals go Tubing!

Slobot had looked everywhere for his pal, but he could not seem to find him.

Slobot was really concerned as he and his friend had an appointment to go inner tubing.

It was then that some friendly Girl Scouts lent Slobot their eyes.

Together they scanned the horizon...

and soon Slobot saw his friend!

Slobot's friend, a sort of irregular Slobot, had been hanging out in front of the OOPS! Co. all along!

Slobot's inverted friend had brought along their mutual chum, and nautical enthusiast, The Captain!

The Captain insisted that they begin inner tubing post-haste...

and so the trio hit the first swimming hole they found...

the fountain at Wofford College!

Hoping for a bigger body of water upon which to float the trio then traveled to Rainbow Lake in Boiling Springs.

Rainbow Lake was, after all, where Slobot and his inverted friend first met.

This moment of nostalgia, however, was to be soon squelched by the realization that Rainbow Lake had been closed way back in 1968! Indeed, the Spartanburg Water Works decided not to re-open the lake for a summer '68 season despite Rainbow Lake's history as a local hangout of choice.

The Spartanburg Water Works claimed that the closing was due to expansion of the R. B. Simms Filtration Plant but most viewed the closing as a reaction to impending integration of public facilities.

Undeterred The Captain soldiered on and soon spied...

this beaver dam at Duncan Park!

Beavers are remarkable in their ability to manipulate their environment. This turtle thrives in the beaver's carefully cultivated underwater garden.

After careful study The Captain declared the beaver pond float-worthy...

and so float they did!


and round.

Slobot would like to thank Girl Scout Troop 227 of St. Luke United Methodist Church, Troop Leader Sindi Cauthen, Girl Scouts Shelby Licurs and Jordan Mabry, Nick Leaphart, Evan Scott and YOU!