Slobot About Town LXXIX:

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Slobot goes to Lake Edwin Johnson!

It was a splendid little spring day.

Slobot wanted to go boating, so he met up with an old friend at Camp Croft's Lake Edwin Johnson.

Slobot and his friend, der deutsche Roboter, were soon paddling along.

Slobot was hoping to catch some crappie or bass.

Slobot was having no such luck, though, and so he soon handed the rod over to der deutsche Roboter.

Slobot paddled them along towards a swampy alcove.

While Slobot and der deutsche Roboter were having no luck finding fish...

they had no problem finding other signs of life.

Slobot went overboard in search of wildlife and he soon spotted something bubbling below the surface.

Slobot soon spotted the source of the ebullition...

an Eastern Painted Turtle!

The Eastern Painted Turtle, or Chrysemys picta picta, is by far Slobot's favorite turtle.

Slobot could hardly contain his excitement at having found the turtle.

Slobot was soon rushing back to the boat to share his find with his friend.

Der deutsche Roboter was particularly fascinated with the turtle's unusually dark plastron.

Der deutsche Roboter and the turtle seemed to share a deep and natural connection.

Der deutsche Roboter was sad to part with his new friend...

but robots and reptiles were soon parted and, before long, the former were making their way back across the lake.

Slobot decided to make the return trip on an inner tube.

Slobot floated above what is, at its deepest, some 28 feet of water that was established in 1954 by the damming of Thompson Creek in Croft State Park.

As Slobot and company made their way back to shore Slobot happened to spot something unusual...

a tipped tree!

Slobot marveled at the tree, especially at how it appeared to still thrive.

Slobot had a great day with his friend, der deutsche Roboter, at Lake Edwin Wallace Johnson!

Slobot would like to thank Croft State Park and all the kind anglers of Lake Edwin W. Johnson!