Slobot About Town XLIV:

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Lights over Spartanburg!

It was the night of October 30th and Slobot was standing in a field behind the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Spartanburg.

It was in that field that Slobot saw the strangest thing, green lights flickering across the night sky!

The lights moved quickly and the path they took seemed to be completely random.

Slobot continued to stare South in the hopes of discerning the nature of these strange lights.

Slobot then turned North to see if the lights were to be seen there as well. At first the sky appeared to be clear.

But that quickly changed as a green light flew directly before him.

Slobot attempted to make contact with the source of the green light.

Much to Slobot's surprise something started to materialize. His communiqué seemed to have been understood!

The source of the light was spinning rapidly and moving at tremendous speed.

Slobot soon saw that the object radiated not only green but red and blue light.

As the object grew closer Slobot was able to discern its true shape, that of a triangular based pyramid (or regular tetrahedron).

Soon the object alighted in a nearby parking lot.

The door opened ominously and within a creature appeared.

The biped stooped to exit and Slobot was, quite frankly, perturbed.

Did this alien beast come in peace?

Soon the creature exited and introduced himself as The Minotaur. The Minotaur invited Slobot into his silver craft.

The Minotaur sat in what appeared to be the pilot's seat and began to manipulate the instrument panel of the craft.

With a commanding gesture The Minotaur made the vehicle begin to shimmy and shake.

Soon it became apparent to Slobot that the vehicle had slipped the surly bonds of Earth. Slobot attempted to slow the speed of the vessel as it maneuvered through the night.

The Minotaur began to show off, taking death-defying turns and plunging the vehicle in a way that no Earth craft could handle.

After a night of buzzing both cows and innocent bystanders Slobot and The Minotaur returned to Earth. By then the sun had risen and Slobot realized that it was now Halloween!

The two then decided to capitalize on their bizarre appearance and obtain much needed and sugary nourishment.

Happy Halloween Spartanburg!