Slobot About Town XXXII:

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Slobot goes to the Old Stone Church.

This is Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church.

This is the original Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church.

It was built in 1908.

The church served as a chapel for those visiting the famed Glenn Springs Hotel.

The Glenn Springs Hotel was a big draw until it was consumed by conflagration in 1941.

The Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church, which survived the fire, would outgrow itself in 1961.

The church and the land upon which it rests were acquired by the Spartanburg Boys' Home in 1971.

Today the old stone church sits, windowless and bare.

All is silent save for the buzz of bees.

But that is all about to change,

thanks to the efforts of the Glenn Springs Preservation Society...

the Kudzu Coalition...

Boy Scout Troop 1 and the Spartanburg Boys' Home.

Today there is hope for the old stone church...

and maybe even for this neighboring building...

from whose window Slobot peered into the tangle of new growth woodland...

and the tatters of the old Glenn Springs Hotel.

Slobot would like to thank the Glenn Springs Preservation Society, the Kudzu Coalition, Boy Scout Troop 1, the Spartanburg Boys' Home and YOU!