Slobot About Town CXXVI:

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Signs of the Times.

Slobot was exploring Williams Bottom when something terrible happened!

It was a hit and run and Slobot was now going to need a new head!

Slobot's usual go-to for all matters head is Steve's Bags, Gaylord Boxes and Pallets.

Slobot has also been known to frequent...

Bubba's Cabinet of Curiosities.

For good, old-fashioned, wooden head Slobot uses Humpy's Firewood.

Of course, a new box head is something to be celebrated and accessorized...

and for box accessories you can't beat Pandora's Box.

A pair of Pandora's Box pasties can really bring out the best in a new box.

Of course, Slobot is not just about style. Slobot is also about substance, and it is not uncommon to find him deep in the stacks of a good library like the Transylvania County Library...

which is a great library from which to check out Dracula.

While the Transylvania County Library has a fantastic name, the same cannot be said for Inman's Kountry Kampers, & Kars.

Slobot could not understand why the company decided to spell all 3 words of its name wrong and, in doing so, go from having a fine set of initials, CCC,

to having the much less agreeable initials, KKK.

Slobot turned his attention next to a nifty and historic sign, a National Fallout Shelter Sign.

During the Cold War there was a real and totally justifiable fear of nuclear war and the fallout that would follow. Many public buildings, like Pine Street Elementary School, were designated as fallout shelters where the public could hunker down until radioactive decay made it less deadly to go outside.

These signs started to pop up in 1961, and they used to dot the landscape.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, however,

these signs are becoming harder and harder to find.

Far from the National Fallout Shelter Sign, somewhere in Fairforest, Slobot found a totally different sign.

The star of this sign was the mighty Stegosaurus! The sign advertised the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

The Creation Museum adheres to a strict, literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis and so holds that man and dinosaur co-existed. The Stegosaurus was, according to the Creation Museum, made on the same day as man, the sixth. Slobot imagined that man and dinosaur shared an uneasy peace onboard Noah's Ark.

Slobot thought that dinosaurs definitely spiced up the Noah's Ark story.

Slobot would like to thank Steve's Bags, Gaylord Boxes and Pallets; Bubba's Cabinet of Curiosities; Humpy's Firewood; Pandora's Box, the Transylvania County Library; Kountry Kampers, & Kars; Pine Street Elementary School; the Creation Museum and YOU!