Slobot About Town CXIII:

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From the Mountains to the Sea, pt. 02!

Slobot emerged from a curtain of corndog grass...

to find an unusual, and carnivorous, plant...

the North American pitcher plant!

According to Slobot's copy of South Carolina - From the Mountains to the Sea this part of the Carolinas is also home to another carnivorous plant, the Venus's-flytrap!

From the exotic flora Slobot knew he must be in one of the Carolina Bays.

Carolina Bays are elliptical depressions of unknown origin and can be found up and down the East Coast.

This particular bay was one of the 23 Carolina Bays found in the Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve.

Slobot hit the (dirt) road and made his way south.

Slobot was lost in an urban jungle.

But, when Slobot found himself standing in front of the Gay Dolphin Gift Cove, he knew exactly where he was...

he was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Slobot had walked 300 miles and descended 3,533 vertical feet,

from Sassafras Mountain to Myrtle Beach!

Slobot hit the surf,

where he read up on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In the surf with Slobot were some fascinating, and alternatingly pinchy and slimy, creatures like this blue crab...

this sluggish -

and decidedly slimy - gastropod,

and this ghost crab!

Slobot loved Myrtle Beach!

Surf's up, Slobot!

Slobot would like to thank Mary C. Simms Oliphant, Marcy C. Simms Oliphant Furman and Jane Earle Furman Pressly - writers of the primary school textbook South Carolina - From the Mountains to the Sea. W. A. Krueger Co. New Berlin, Wisconsin. 1985.