Slobot - Ye Olde Deluder.


Slobot finally went digital with their 2001 CD, Ye Olde Deluder (aka 1).

cover art
inside cover art
tray art obverse
tray art reverse

01 intro
02 live at the lav...the sulky
03 the origin of testes
04 live at the lav...the silky
05 insect engine
06 apple white
07 happenis
08 farmer men and women
09 willy is my beat
10 new attitude
11 thank you for not smoking
12 the borregito
13 fb vag
14 shitstickerfreedomfighter
15 what fresh new hell is this?
16 fresh creamy pot cheese
17 cold light supply
18 revelation
19 slobotica
20 your future lies moldering at the feet of slobot
21 slobotica (reprise)

Ye Olde Deluder also includes Your Future lies moldering at the Feet of Slobot, a Slobot short video mpeg!

5L030+ is:

slobodan sodomovich slobotkin
the love commander

Uterine Fury Records 0003