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Slobot goes to Atlanta, Georgia!

Slobot had always heard that the South would rise again, but little did he know that it already had!

Indeed, from Centennial Olympic Park, Slobot could see the Centennial Tower, the CNN Center and the Omni Hotel at CNN Center all towering above him.

Slobot was particularly interested in the CNN Center, which originally opened in 1976. On May 26th of that bicentennial year the world's first indoor amusement park, The World of Sid and Marty Krofft, would open in the Center, then dubbed the Omni International complex. The World of Sid and Marty Krofft would, unfortunately, close on November 10th of that same year.

Today the Center is home to the Turner Broadcasting System and CNN Headline News.

The CNN Center is a popular tourist destination, not only for Slobot, but also for Rusty Cuyler, Early Cuyler and the Sheriff.

Rusty, Early and the Sheriff are, of course, the stars of Adult Swim's Squidbillies, which made its debut in 2005.

Early Cuyler is voiced by the multitalented Stuart Daniel Baker, AKA "Unknown Hinson."

Of course, there are other fine shows on the Adult Swim network.

Shows like Mission Hill, Home Movies...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Aqua Unit Patrol Squad, The Brak Show,

The Venture Brothers,


and Assy McGee.

Slobot is a huge fan of many of Adult Swim's shows...

and, though he owns no DVD player, Slobot owns many Adult Swim DVDs.

Adult Swim's headquarters can be found in a rather nondescript building...

on Williams Street in Atlanta.

Behind Williams Street studios Slobot spotted this cool, branded deer.

But Atlanta is more than just the home to Ted Turner and his various broadcasting endeavors...

it was also the site of the Centennial 1996 Summer Olympics.

The Centennial 1996 Summer Olympics would be marred by an act of domestic terrorism when Eric Robert Rudolph placed a bag containing 3 pipe bombs in the park. At 1:20 am on July 27, 1996 the bombs exploded, sending shrapnel into the crowd. Alice Hawthorne from Albany, Georgia would be struck and killed by a nail that Rudolph had used as shrapnel. A Turkish cameraman, Melih Uzunyol, would die of a heart attack as he rushed to the scene.

Today a shrapnel mark is still visible on a statue in Centennial Park.

Slobot loved his visit to Atlanta!

Slobot would like to thank Unknown Hinson and all the kind folks of Atlanta, Georgia USA!