Slobot About Town XXIII:

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Slobot Celebrates Spartanburg's 175th Birthday!

It was December 17, 2006 and Slobot was motoring past the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium...

when he spied this intriguing sign.

Slobot pulled over immediately.

It was then that Slobot saw an equally enchanting sign...

a sign that told of a Baby Crawl!

Slobot just HAD to check out the Baby Crawl...

at Spartanburg's 175th Birthday Party!

Mark Cleveland, Project Manager for the City of Spartanburg, was there to welcome Slobot!

Inside it was all whirlwind heat and flash...

spinning lights and motion.

Undeterred, Slobot continued to look for the Baby Crawl.

But all he found was this swinging band!

Slobot was stumped, stuck at a dead end.

Ennui and malaise began to consume Slobot.

But it was then that Slobot was suddenly rescued by clowns!

The clowns, Whitley Floyd and Catherine Hunt, were kind enough to show Slobot to the Baby Track!

There the contestants were all lined up and raring to go!

Slobot bet a Benjamin on one young fellow...

but he was to come up short, bested by 11-month-old Jennifer Chanes.

But all was well.

The mood was down right jubilant.

A shower of purple rain fell to earth reminding Slobot that it was not only Spartanburg's 175th birthday...

but that it was also Christmastime!

And so Slobot wishes you...

and all of Spartanburg...

A Merry Christmas!

Slobot would like to thank Mark Cleveland, Whitley Floyd, Catherine Hunt, Larry Easler and YOU!