Slobot About Town Special Edition:

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Slobot and Doktor Schnabel celebrate Thanksgiving!

It was a beautiful autumn day in November.

Specifically, it was the fourth Thursday in November.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with the approval of Congress, set the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving Slobot celebrated another successful year with a succulent meal.

Joining him was one of Slobot's oldest friends, Doktor Schnabel.

The good doctor felt conflicted about eating fowl and so gorged on Boca Burgers.

His resentment of this national ornithological nightmare could not, however, be contained.

The Captain, serving as chief turkey carver, joined in on the Doktor Schnabel approved carving of Slobot.

Slobot made an appeal for peace, but was interrupted by a PETA protester.

Then, as if on cue, a convoy of water fowl descended on Slobot.

Their eyes seemed to pierce to Slobot's very soul.

With their gaze they cruelly judged Slobot for his fowl-eating ways.

It was then that Slobot realized that he was truly thankful for his friends, feathered and otherwise.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!