Slobot About Town XXI:

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The Bridges of Spartanburg County, pt. 2.

Slobot was relaxing along the Middle Tyger River.

He looked to his left and spied a stunning bridge.

Long out of use, the bridge mimics the antiquated aqueducts of the Roman Empire.

Today the bridge is a stranger to traffic. Nature slowly devours it.

Slobot then made his way from the Middle to the South Tyger River.

There he found this bridge.

Her shape is much like that of her Middle Tyger cousin.

And here, too, nature has taken its toll. A tree even grows from the center of the span!

Slobot loved those concrete arches, but he found himself longing for the rustic beauty of an old iron trestle...

like this one over Fairforest Creek near Westgate Mall...

or this little iron bridge over the North Pacolet River.

Her name is Rutledge Bridge and she is beautiful...

but she is simply no match for Slobot's new favorite metal trestle...

this magnificent beast!

Slobot was simply in awe of her proportions.

She was, indeed, a bonny bridge.

And Slobot's bonny bridge lies over the Enoree!

Stay tuned for more of Slobot's Favorite Bridges of Spartanburg County!