Slobot About Town XII:

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Slobot goes to the Carolina Theatre!

The Carolina Theatre was incorporated into the ground floor of the Montgomery Building in 1925.

Elvis played there on February 9th, 1956.

Slobot went on prom night, 1977.

Slobot escorted his date to a showing of Dario Argento's Suspiria, the last film to be shown at the Carolina.

In the soft blue light of the theater they shared a cup of popcorn. Now and then their hands would meet in a moment of accidental and romantic fumbling.

There was no doubt, this old theatre had a certain something that your modern multiplexes lack.

The lighting was decidedly incandescent...

and the high ceilings and light fixtures just lent themselves to romance.

The sound system, however, left something to be desired. After all, Slobot wanted to fully experience Goblin's scorching score for Suspiria.

That was, however, 1977 and 29 years had passed.

The ticket window of the Carolina is vacant of employee or customer.

The theatre, itself...

has been just as long empty.

Slobot found himself trying to recreate the magic of prom night.

But the girls Slobot went out with these days did not have those sexy 90 degree angles that his high school sweetheart had. These girls had grown old and oblong.

Sometimes the malaise and isolation were just too much for Slobot to bear.