Slobot About Town CII:

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Slobot goes to Spring Fling!

It was a stormy spring day and thousands of people had converged upon downtown Spartanburg.

They, like Slobot, had come for the 32nd Annual Spartanburg Spring Fling!

Slobot started his Spring Fling adventure at Allen's Original Redwood Log House. The Redwood Log House is a fully furnished three room house that was hand carved inside a giant California redwood tree.

The Redwood Log House began as a bright idea by one Jim Allen. It occurred to Allen that he could fell a redwood and create a hollow inside, a hollow in which a person could live. Jim Allen pursued this great notion, spending over a month looking for an appropriate tree. Allen eventually found a tree perfect for his designs, a tree some 14 feet wide, 267 feet high and over 1900 years of age. Allen would use the fourth log cut from the tree, a log that was 33 feet long and 8 feet wide. The end Slobot entered came from a cut 65 feet above the tree's stump.

Over the course of a year Jim Allen and a friend managed to carve themselves a nice little home; a home complete with a bedroom,

a living room and a kitchen.

Slobot could hardly believe that such a massive tree had started from such a small seed!

Outside the Redwood Log House Slobot discovered a distant cousin! It was a regular Slobot family reunion!

Slobot's cousin was clearly having a blast at Spring Fling!

Together they shared some milk,

and sprouted milk moustaches.

Slobot's cousin then had a scary run-in with an Imperial Stormtrooper!

Slobot intervened in order to save his cousin, and the planet Earth, from the evil Empire. Slobot thought he was doomed for sure when the Stormtrooper pulled his weapon. Good thing for Slobot that Stormtroopers are terrible shots!

After defeating the Stormtrooper, Slobot managed to behead the evil, and Imperial, General Grievous.

Having saved Earth from an Imperial invasion, Slobot made his way back to the intersection of Church and Main Streets.

There Slobot discovered the Silver Drummer Girl, Jessica Smith.

As Slobot made his way away from his new friend,

he discovered The Spinner!

Slobot loves to get dizzy, and the Spinner did just that.

Slobot decided to pursue his adrenaline rush with a ride on the Loop Plane. Riding the Loop Plane was, however, a tremendously bad idea as Slobot soon found himself nauseated...

good thing he found an open hole in which to relieve himself.

Slobot, now riding on an empty stomach, made his way towards the 30+ food vendors of Spring Fling.

Slobot was not alone in his pursuit of vittles.

Indeed, Slobot saw what must have been thousands of people...

all of them enjoying the tastes of the 32nd Annual Spring Fling!

Slobot would like to thank Allen's Original Redwood Log House, the Silver Drummer Girl, the City of Spartanburg and YOU!