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Slobot <3s the Spartanburg Herald-Journal!

Slobot starts every day by reading the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.

Slobot is far from alone in this regard. Just look at his Extended Stay America friend!

One of Slobot's favorite things to read is the Stroller column.

On a few occasions Slobot has even been lucky enough to see himself grace the pages of the Herald-Journal.

Besides being a great read,

the Herald-Journal also makes for a great hat...

or boat!

The Herald-Journal can trace its history all the way back to 1842 when Asa J. Muir began the publishing company known as The Spartanburgh Journal. Like the city, the paper eventually dropped the "h" in Spartanburgh. Originally the Spartanburg Journal would be published every Saturday. In 1914 the Spartanburg Herald bought out the Journal and the Carolina Spartan and would turn the Journal into an afternoon paper. On October 01, 1982 The Spartanburg Journal and The Spartanburg Herald would merge to form the Spartanburg Herald-Journal. In 1985 the Herald-Journal would be purchased by The New York Times.

Back copies of both The Spartanburg Journal and The Spartanburg Herald, as well as the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, can be found in the stores of the Spartanburg County Public Libraries Headquarters on Kennedy Street.

Slobot, like so many other hobos, enjoys spending time at the Spartanburg County Public Libraries Headquarters.

There Slobot likes to peruse old editions of the Herald-Journal.

Now and then, as on November 21, 2007, Slobot has been lucky enough to find pictures of himself gracing the pages of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.

Slobot particularly enjoys the Scene feature of the Herald-Journal.

Slobot has appeared on at least one occasion in the Scene feature...

most recently appearing on January 24, 2008.

On July 10, 1995 - during the Susan Smith trial - the Herald-Journal went digital.

The Herald-Journal's online edition can now be found at

On April 10, 2006 Slobot and his Slobot About Town photo blog would be added to

Slobot loves being featured on

and even fantasizes about being declared "awesome" by the mayor on has changed a lot since Slobot's early days.

The Herald-Journal and are, as previously mentioned, now the property of The New York Times of New York City.

The New York Times would be founded in New York City in 1851 and be continuously published since that time. Though newspapers have been hurt by the Internet, The New York Times remains the largest local metropolitan newspaper in the United States!

The new home of The New York Times is The New York Times Building in Manhattan. The New York Times Building is a 52-story skyscraper on the east side of Eighth Avenue. The New York Times Building is - as of 2010 - the seventh tallest building in the United States.

In the summer of 2008, three men illegally climbed The New York Times Building - all within a month of each other. The first two did so on the same day, June 05, 2008. On that day Alain Robert - "The French Spiderman" - and Brooklynite Renaldo Clarke both scaled the buildings' 52 stories. Then, on July 09, 2008, David Malone climbed to the building's 5th story in order to hang a banner from the T of "The." Malone would make it to the 11th floor before being arrested.

Now that Slobot has graced the pages and web site of The New York Times' Spartanburg Herald-Journal he hopes to get his own Wikipedia page. Slobot, in pursuing this goal, has even sought the help of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales! Slobot loves the Spartanburg Herald-Journal!

Slobot would like to thank The New York Times, the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Andy Rhinehart, Celena Price, Tom Priddy, Jimmy Wales, the Spartanburg County Public Libraries Headquarters and YOU!